Tuesday, August 15, 2006

thank you gaiacorpsincludingyou! 18-20 august 2006

may 27th 2006 marked the beginning of a memorable relationships among tens and hundreds of gaiacorps volunteers, including you, who interact and work with one another through endless emails, text messages, phone calls, and intense dialogues.

together through the ups and downs, tears and laughters, from various regions of this earth, we strode toward one common goal: to help with anything we have.

and indeed it was anything - stuff and cash, canned sardine and instant noodle, blanket and clothes, flashlight and lamps, stove and tents, saucepan and cooking pots, spade and shovel, nails and hammers, bread and sausage, beans and spices, water pump and purifier, generator sets and chainsaws, ambulance and vehicles, notebook and lavatory, rice and porridge, milk and candy, satellite units and cellphones, sugar and salt fish, beef and chicken, eggs and tofu, mattress and toys, alongwith endless supplies of medicine, medicine, medicine and medicine! – all for the victims in bantul and pangandaran

and all was given with the support of sincere sacrifice and kindness of the heart from our volunteers’ beloved friends, wives, husbands, lovers, peers and families

an assortment of skills, competence and professions were put into practice: physicians, nurses, logistics expert, psychologists, bloggers, web-developers, construction workers, drivers, technical experts, and newscasters who tirelessly passed on the updates of our efforts to various corner of this world,
and those who played the major roles in this endeavor:
the gaiacorps volunteers who doggedly worked day and night enduring seconds by seconds in mblali region, gaia office at jembatan merah 84B, along the roads between bantul and jogja, and most recently, at pangandaran: whoever they are, wherever they came from and they are now: they are indeed extraordinary people!

friday evening of august 18th until sunday morning of august 20th 2006

gaia foundation
will hold a gathering:

thank you gaiacorpsincludingyou!

please join us anytime
we have plenty of program for everyone, from toddlers to seniors,
to strengthen the brotherhood and solidarity among us
to express our gratitude and to get to know each other better
of all the gaiacorps including you!

the gathering will be held in
sambi village park, pakem – sleman
friday evening 18 august until sunday morning 20 august 2006

friday, 18 august 2006

start at 15.00 – a free-for-all reunion among fellow volunteers of gaiacorps, followed with video and photo presentation of gaiacorps activity in mblali, seloharjo, and concluded with good ol’ barbeque

saturday, 19 august 2006
06.00 to 09.00
wake up call, exercise and morning walk along the paddy field, shower and breakfast

09.00 to 17.30

  • sightseeing the village park, observing old furnished traditional javanese houses and gardens of rare plants. after lunch overlooking the green paddy fields, the program continues for anyone who wants a first hand experience in farming, milking, herding, and gardening, or trekking the less-traveled village paths on foot or bicycles
  • children can play remote-controlled boat, splashing in the small creek, fishing at the pond, chasing rabbits, hamsters, chickens, turkeys and swans, rope climbing, flying kites, or join the outbound activity alongwith their peers, assisted by gaiacorps facilitators.
  • special programs are provided for gaiacorps’ volunteers: a range of experiential learning of leadership, teamwork and effective communication through outbound activities
  • for those who want to visit the locals in mblali, seloharjo, a crew of gaiacorps is ready to take you to bantul

19.00 until late
dinner and entertainment, followed with a favorite menu of grilled corn and fried banana.
continued with a dialogue among gaiacorps about anything, to share the bittersweet stories from day one of the disaster to recent goings-on, and to share our vision for the next steps of gaiacorps

sunday, 20 august 2006
06.00 to 11.00

wake up call, morning exercise, shower, breakfast, fun games, and free time until time to leave.

please join us anytime...